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Residential Tenancy Branch

(250) 387-1602

The Residential Tenancy branch offers support for tenants facing eviction or charges for unjust property damage (as well as help available through a 24 hour recorded info line). Services available include free general inquirey, although there is a $50 filing fee for disputes to be arbitrated (*proven fininacial difficults such as welfare or EI waivers fee). Referrals also available.

Together Against Poverty Society

(250) 361-3521

Face-to-face advocacy services for residential tenancy rights, as well as legal information and representation when dealing with landlords and hearings.

Tenants' Rights Information Line

1-800-665-1185 (M-Th 9am-5pm)

Through the Tenants' Rights Action Coalition (TRAC), information services are available, as well as available copies to be sent out of the Tenant's Survival Guide (includes information on tenants' rights).

Emergency Housing:

Annie's Place (Through the Sooke Transition House)

(250) 480-5461 (24 hour line), office (250) 642-2591

Free shelter availble for up to 30 days for both women and children leaving abusive situations. Food, clothing, counselling, support, and other basic needs are also available.  

Cridge Transition House for Women

(250) 479-3963 (24 hours)

Emergency shelter available for women and children experiencing physical or emotional abuse. Food, shelter, counselling and support are available to mothers and children for up to 30 days. Individuals under 18 must have permission (i.e. from parents, social workers, etc.)

Kiwanis Youth Shelter

(250) 386-8282

Shelter for youth aged 13-18 facing an emergency situation. Available stay for up to 7 nights (youth in care under the Ministry included). Food, future planning, as well as access to support, information, and referrals from a youth and family counsellor are all available. Location: 2117 Vancouver.

Out of the Rain Youth Night Shelter

(250) 884-3701

Available to youth aged 15-25 who are currently sleeping on the street. This rotating night shelter is open from November 5th to April 15th, from 11pm until 7:30/8 am (times dependant on location). Other services provided include referrals, access to programs and counselling, safe needle disposal, and sexual health information. Food is available, as well as some sites allowing pets.   

Sandy Merriman House

(250) 480-1408

24 hour emergency shelter for women at risk or experiencing homelessness (other women needing shelter may be considered- referrals offered). Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. Drop in hours also available from 11:30 am- 4 pm, with lunch provided. Other services include access to outreach workers, nurses, showers, landry, and access to kitchen facilities. Check in starts at 11:30. Location: 809 Burdett St.

Rock Bay Landing

(250) 384-3634 clients, (250) 383-1951 (staff)

Free 19+ shelter with 84 emergency beds for those experiencing tempory or ongoing homelessness. Stay available up to 30 days with 3 daily meals provided. Anytime before 3 pm is the suggested time to show up and register for bed waitlisting (assigned starting at 8:30 pm). Non-resident meals available after 3pm. Other services include information, support, and access to street nurses. Location: 535 Ellice Street.  

Victoria Sobering and Assesment Centre (Withdrawal Management)

(250) 213-4444

Short-term housing available for individuals using substances. 20 beds are available for both men and women, with stay up to 23hours. Snacks, laundry facilities, showers, animal shelter, and referrals are also available.  Location: 1125 Pembroke St.

Victoria Women's Transition House Society

(250) 385-6611 (24 hours), community office (250) 592-2927

Free shelter for women and children leaving abusive relationships for up to 30 days. Counselling and referrals are also availble for resident women and children, as well as non-residents through the community office.   

Gulf-Island 24-hour Crisis Line and Transition House (Salt-Spring and surrounding area)

1-(877) 435-7544, Salt Spring Local (250) 537-0735

Women's crisis line and transition house serving the Gulf Islands and the surrounding aresas. Thrift store (with proceeds going to the transition house), support from an Outreach worker, referrals and program access to both Stop the Violence and Children Who Witness Abuse are all available.

Supported Independent Living Programs

Care Home Parenting Program (Boys and Girls Club)

(250) 384-9133 (admin. office), (250) 480-3050 (pager)

Services include housing, life-skills training, support and counselling for pregnant or early parenting stages women aged 16-21. Program fee is $570/month (modest sliding scale available), which involves young moms living in the home of another family, opportunites to meet other partipants/peer support, life skills courses, and parenting workshops. This program offers 6 Care home suites, and four Outreach resources, with Care home services available until the baby is approx. 6 months old.

Cridge Centre-Dovetail Programs

(250) 384-8058, M-F 7:30-5:30 pm

Provides 15 housing units to women and children who have experienced relationship violence through a second stage program. Housing services are provided for up to 3 years, with lease renewal available. Other services include access to child care workers, help with parenting after abuse, childrens programs, Connections support group, and one-to-one counselling. Location: 1190 Kings

Beacon of Hope House- Salvation Army

(250) 381-9474

Staffed residential treatment program for male youth ages 13-28. Program offers support in the recovery process for substance use. Addictions education, life skills training, and supportive counselling all available.

Kiwanis House Program- YMCA-YWCA of Greater Victoria, Youth Outreach Services

(250) 382-1004

8 units of supported housing for women ages 16-29 with children under 5. Stay is available for up to 12 months, with opportunities to share and participate in a community space and programming. Other services include life skills, counselling, advocacy, as well as pre-employment and employment training. Also available are drop in programs (M-Th: 10 am-noon) available to young parents, with access to a "free store"  (baby, maternity, and household items). Email:, Location: 2652 Cook St.

Margaret Laurence House

(250) 995-0058

Second-stage housing program for women and children as a part of the Greater Victoria Women's Shelter Society. Stay is available for up to one year, with self-referral or referral by a comunity agency. 6 townhouse units are available in a confidential location. Individuals cannot be actively dealing with addictions during their stay, and rent is also charged (geared to income).  Email:

Pandora Youth Housing Apartments- YM/YWCA

(250) 380-2663

Transitional housing offering 8 bachelor apartments available for at-risk youth (15-19) for up to one year. Cost is $325/month.

Mitchell House & Holly House- Threshold Housing Society/ Anglican Diocese

Office: (250) 381-1799, Pager: (250) 389-8656, Anglican Diocese Office: (250) 386-7781

Supported staffed housing for youth ages 16-21, with rooms available for 4 boys (Mitchell House) and 4 girls (Holly House). Own rooms available in shared house, with rent at $325/month.

Supported Independent Living Program- YMCA-YWCA of Greater Victoria, Youth Outreach Services

(250) 413-8860

Support services for "at risk" youth aged 16-21 through community counselling programs providing practical life skills promoting independance, and help in finding, and maintaining safe, appropriate and affordable housing. Other services include connections to community resources and activities, as well as  offering support in securing income through employment training programs, employment assistance, and other income sources. Email:, Location: 851 Broughton Street.

Turnabout Point- Boys and Girls Club

Pager: (250) 480-3050, specify which program

Care home program for male, female, and transgendered youth ages 12-18 on probation, with referrals from a youth probation officers. Support available from a Youth Support Worker. Care homes available from 3-6 months.

Youth Housing- Youth Empowerment Society

(250) 383-3514

This program offers 8 supervised/supported housing for youth (16-19) up to 6 months. Rent is $275/month.

Youth Supportive Recovery Care Home- Boys and Girls Club

Pager: (250) 480-3050, specify which program

Residential care home for youth wanted to deal with their drug/alchohol issues. Referrals made through a Alchohol and Drug Counsellor, for youth ages 13-19. Program generally runs 12-16 weeks.

Longer Term Housing and Housing Supports:

BC Housing

(250) 475-7550, (250) 213-8798 (Maitenance emergencies)

Assists low income BC resident families in finding subsidized housing through the BC Housing Registry. Applications available at their office, or availble for download on their website. After the application process, it is suggested to update your file every three months to keep it current and show continued interest in finding housing. Multiple applications to other agencies also suggested to increase housing chances.

Burnside Gorge Community Centre-Homeless Family Outreach

(250) 388-5251

Support to families who are experiencing homelessness, or who are at risk of being homeless. Housing Outreach Workers are available to provide support, information, referrals, advocacy, and assistance. Opportunities to be connected with other programs through the Burnside Gorge Community Centre are also available such as parent-tot programs, hot lunches, clothing exchanges, and parent education courses. Website is also updated weekly with information on affordable housing available in Victoria. Location: 471 Cecelia Rd.

Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC)

(250) 384-9444 (call to mak an appointment)

The CHF BC website offers a list of available co-operative housing in the Victoria area. Co-op housing begins with buying a share purchase (help through income assistance available), with costs varying (generally being no more than 30% you total income, with many co-ops offering subsidized units). Share purchase is returned when you leave. Location: #410-1105 Pandora Ave.  

Capitol Regional District (CRD) Housing Corporation

(250) 388-6422

If applying for market housing you are required to bring proof of income with your application, as well as being a resident of BC for the last year. If applying for subsidized housing you apply through the BC Housing Registry at

M'akola Group of Societies

(250) 384-1423

Affordable housing availble to First Nations people on Vancouver Island (although non First Nations families may apply for some M'akola townhouse units operating through BC Housing). To update your file, you must contact M'akola Housing at least once every 3 months. Location:  2009 Fernwood Rd.

Pacifica Housing Advisory Association

(250) 385-2131

Owns and manages over 635 units of affordable housing, as well as offers housing outreach and support through Pacifica Housing Services. Downtown Outreach Services Location (250) 356-2555, located on 826 Cormorant. Vacancies are filled through the BC Housing Registry (http://www, Location: 827 Fisgard.

Ready to Rent

(250) 388-7171 office, (250) 686-1104 cell

Ready to Rent is a free, six week course in a friendly and accommodating environment that includes childminding, a healthy snack and bus tickets. This ongoing course is available at a variety of convenient locations. The program can help with budgeting and provide information about credit ratings and how to improve them. Participants find out about the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords and learn how to present themselves to potential landlords. Ready to Rent tenant support workers take a "walk with" approach with course participants and are available for ongoing support after the course.

Rental Assistance Program


Provides assistance in making monthly rent payments to eligable low-income, working families (with at least 1 child under the age of 19) on income of $35,000 per year or less. Families must have lived in British Columbia for the last 12 months.