You are hereMeet Chelsea! Board of Directors President

Meet Chelsea! Board of Directors President

Tell us 3 things about you, the first 3 that come to mind

I’m energetic

I love kids

I’m very socialable


How did you first come to be involved with YPSN?

I heard about YPSN through the Best Babies program


What is your role now?

I go to the Monday Drop-In Group, and I just started going to the workout group. And I also go to Future Planning on Fridays


What is your favourite thing about YPSN?

The support and friendly people


If you could change the world in just one way, what would you do?

Eliminate violence


What do you think are the main challenges facing young parents in Victoria?

Having resources, housing and financial resources, all that stuff related to being young. Also life skills, young parents might not have aquired as many as young parents. And employment and education that works with having children.


Anything else?

YPSN has been a really important part of our lives since Jesse was born.