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YPSN's Board of Directors: How does it work?

By petra - Posted on 18 April 2012

Young Parents Support Network has always been run by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of young parents and former young parents. Most members of our board have accessed support services from YPSN, or are still accessing these services, and therefore truly understand our mission and the need for YPSN in a concrete and personal way.

As a non-profit society, Young Parents Support Network is run by our volunteer Board of Directors. Our Executive Director reports directly our Board, and the board makes important decisions on behalf of the organization, which staff and volunteers then carry out.

There are four executive positions on the board, who are currently held by the following long-term members of YPSN:

President: Melissa

Vice President: Elisa

Treasurer: Shelley

Secretary: Theresa

Additionally, the following YPSN members are 'Directors': Jennifer, Chelsea, Sarah, Pascalle, Nenette, Rayanne, and Ian.

The board meets every month, with Board members serving for a minimum of one year. Many board members serve multiple terms. Our Annual General Meeting is held in August of each year. Board members who have been associated with the organization for a long time also serve as signing officers on YPSN’s bank accounts.

Serving on thr board is an excellent way to lean about how non-profit organizations function and to develop leadership skills. It is also great thing to put on your resume and is really helpful to YPSN.

Unlike most other non-profit organizations, which are led by a Board of Directors comprised of professional people, ours is a 'consumer board' made up of people who truly understand what it means to be young parents in Victoria. That is part of what makes this place amazing.

Curious about joining the board? Talk to any current board member or staff. You are also welcome to come out to board meeting to see what it is all about. Typically they happen on the last Monday evening of each month.

We always provide childcare and healthy snacks for board meetings. Let us know if you plan to come so we can have enough of both!

There will be some spots on the board available this August.

A current board member says "One of the reasons I continue to be on the Board for the Young Parents Support Network is that I have personally experienced many of the programs that YPSN has to offer and feel that they are extremely valuable and have been very significant factors in my development as a parent."