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The Waiting Game...By Sue Wilgren

By savanna - Posted on 13 January 2011

The Waiting Game


So here we are, we (Melissa and I) have made it through the 9 months of pregnancy. There have been many, many changes over the past 9 months; I’ve seen a confused young lady turn into a responsible young lady ready for motherhood; we’ve moved Provinces and settled in to our new home in Victoria, BC; and have developed a support network with friends mostly through the assistance of YPSN – the only thing now is to have the baby actually arrive – and so the waiting begins…

Melissa had been given two prospective due dates (the first of which has now passed) the second now only 4 days away as well – but alas, the little girl is not quite ready to come meet her anxious family – so, all we can do is wait, and wait, and wait and continue to watch for the signs of early labor.

Melissa and I are both feeling anxious with the waiting game - Melissa with the feeling of having had enough and the “get out of me”, that coupled with people asking on a daily basis “is the baby here yet”. Myself - I am dealing with the fear of how will we get to the hospital with all of the snow on the ground? How will the labor be? How much will life as we know it actually change with the new baby under the roof?

By my next blog – all of these questions will be answered, or at least we hope, and so, the waiting continues…