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Missing the Girls by Sue Willgren

By savanna - Posted on 20 July 2011

Missing the girls…

Having been a grandmother now for all of 5 ½ months, and being lucky enough to have my daughter and her baby living with me full time has been a joy. As you know I’ve watched this frightened young girl blossom into a wonderful mother (have I mentioned this before – haha).

Well, the girls have been gone now for over a week, on vacation back to “cow town” to take in the festivities of the Stampede and to visit friends that have not met baby.

In the weeks leading up to their departure, there were all kinds of mixed emotions, fear for having them traveling alone, excitement for them to visit with family and friends and of course – just a little bit of selfishness in thinking a quiet house for a couple of weeks. Who knew, that by day 10 I would be missing them as much as I do? The house is too quiet, and the sounds of the baby goooing and giggling, and the crazy songs of the jumper are sadly missed.

6 more sleeps and then the girls are back and the house will be a flurry of activity (well – at least with sounds).

Until next time!