You are hereMeet Rosemary: Amazing Webmentor (& former leader of YPSN!)

Meet Rosemary: Amazing Webmentor (& former leader of YPSN!)

Rosemary has been part of the YPSN community since 1999. Formerly our Executive Director, she now provides us with all the expertise we need to keep our website current & fabulous!


We asked Rosemary: tell us 3 things about you, the first 3 things that come to mind...

1. My family and I are leaving soon for Ecuador for 3 months which is exciting & scary.

2. Our tomatillo crop has been amazing this year.

3. I still can't believe that my kids are almost grown up. One is in university and one in high school.


How did you first become involved with YPSN?

I started working for YPSN back in 1999 & at that point I was the only staff person. There had been a lot of changes in the organization, so I was focused mainly on rebuilding & revitalizing. I worked at YPSN for 10 years and then my family was heading off to Nicaragua for 5 months, at which point Petra took over leadership.


What is your role now?

Shortly after I left YPSN, my partner Nedjo and I formed a web development company ~ Chocolate Lily ~ and at that point we came back to YPSN to build the website. We continue to help out as ‘web mentors’ and so have an ongoing relationship with YPSN.


What is your favourite thing about YPSN?

One of my favourite things about YPSN is that it’s so all encompassing & embracing. It’s open to accepting people for how they are & who they are in their lives. That acceptance enables it to embrace change and be inclusive, and is pretty unique.