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Meet Robin!!!


Tell us 3 things about you, the first 3 things that come to mind

 - I love creating things, crafts, baking, you name it.

- I have been a doula for four and a half years now and am working towards becoming a midwife.

- I am pregnant with my first baby and am due in May 2012.


How did you first become involved with YPSN?

My first experience with YPSN was in 2009 when YPSN donated the meeting room to myself and another doula so that we could run a program called Fostering Futures for Families. This was a prenatal program for young parents. I then when on to work as a Child Development Worker and Outreach Doula with YPSN.


What is your role now?

Now I am a Family Support Worker and Outreach Doula, I also book appointments for the Family Medicine Clinic and do some group facilitation.


What is your favourite thing about YPSN?

The welcoming collaborative atmosphere and all the amazing staff and participants.