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Meet Pascalle: Board of Directors Treasurer

We asked Pascalle to tell us 3 things about herself, the first 3 things that came to mind:

1. I am the mummy of a beautiful 3 ½-year-old man-cub

2. I love being outside and having my hands in the earth

3. I make a mean Pad Thai peanut sauce that'll knock your socks off!

...all while taking deep, deep breaths.

How did you first become involved with Young Parents Support Network?

When Khalil was about 9 months old I got a referral to Young Parents Support Network from the Kiwanis House Program. Margo came over to my place and we had a chat, and the rest is history. She made such a wonderful impression on me that I had to come down and check you guys out.

What is your role now?

I’ve gone from being a program participant to a board member, and I’ve also completed my school practicum here for the Indigenous Family Support Program. I continue to be a participant on a community level. I have made some really great friends through Young Parents Support Network!

What is your favourite thing about Young Parents Support Network?

My favourite thing is the sense of belonging that I feel when I am in the presence of the YPSN community: the support & solidarity that I feel when I am in the presence of the staff and participants. I feel a real sense of sisterhood & camaraderie. YPSN has really shown me what’s possible for the kind of life that I want to build for Khalil and I, in terms of what kind of community I want for us as a family.