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Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Parenting


This website has research and information on medications, herbs and recreational drugs and how they affect pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Access Midwifery

Information on Access Midwifery, as well as an awesome resource page for online and victoria based resources

Babies Best Chance

This handbook offers up-to-date information on pregnancy, prenatal care, labour and birth, baby care and breastfeeding. It is free to all pregnant parents in BC- ask your midwife or doctor for a coupon and where to go to pick up a copy.

Beacon Community Services

(250) 656-0134

Offers a variety of programs including parenting programs, and child development services.

Belmont Young Parents Program- Belmont Secondary School

(250) 474-4342

Prenatal education and parenting support while you finish your education, as well as on-site Infant/Toddler Centre provided after baby is born while you continue your education. Location: 3067 Jacklin Road.

Best Babies

Free Program for women and adolescent moms on low income focusing on improving health and wellbeing during pregnancy. Nutrition and lifestyle counselling, prenatal classse, clothing exchange, support and food vouchers all available.


Esquimalt Neighbourhood House (250) 385-2635

Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group (250) 385-8979

Victoria Native Friendship Centre (250) 384-3211.

Breastfeeding Clinics

Through various Public Health Units, the Vancouver Island Health Authority runs multiple breastfeeding clinics with access to Public health nurses trained as lactation consultants, as well as telephone support services with nurses with specialized training in breastfeeding. For more information:

Esquimalt (250) 360-5600
Outer Gulf Islands (250) 539-3099
Peninsula (250) 544-2400
Saanich (250) 519-5100
Salt Spring Island (250) 538-4880
Sooke (250) 642-5464
Victoria (250) 388-2200
West Shore (250) 478-1757

Care Home Parenting

(250) 480-3050 (pager, leave a message and specify which program)

Lifeskills, support, and counselling for pregnant women ages 16-21 through independent living programs until baby is approx 6 months. Peer support, life skills, and parenting workshops also available.

Choices Adoption and Counselling

(250) 479-9811

Counselling, education and support available to youth considering adoption, or who have already had a child adopted. Location: #100-850 Blanshard St.

Community Options for Children and Families

(250) 380-6363

Support for children and adults with development dissabilities and their families. Parents helping parents program, respite care, support groups, and lending library all available. Location: 830C Pembroke.

Cridge Centre for the Family

(250) 384-8058

Outreach, housing and childcare.

Doulas of Greater Victoria

Sometimes available through reduced rates/sliding scale, many doulas also have training as breastfeeding educators. 

Esquimalt Neighbourhood House


Esquimalt Neighbourhood House offers many services and programs including Best Babies, free counselling, parenting programs and support, play groups, a bread closet and more!

First Reach (YMCA)

(250) 385-8858

First Reach provides outreach support to young pregnant women who are facing conditions of risk.

GAP/Options School

(250) 598-3144

Prental education and parenting support while you finish your education. On-site Infant/Toddler Centre is also availble to help you finish your education after the baby is born. Location: 3020 Richmond

Inter-Cultural Association

(250) 388-4728

Offers free prenatal and parenting classes to immigrants. Location: 930 Balmoral

Island Childbirth

An independent childbirth education company with access to a free library (including video and birth information kits). Resources available for loans up to two weeks.

Island Parent

Website directory of different programs available on Vancouver Island, monthly articles on parenting, parent education book recommendations and much more!


Information on breastfeeding, including breastfeeding toddlers, safety of various herbs and medications and starting solids.

Kids in Victoria

This website features an events calendar, classified ads for family related stuff like daycare and jolly jumpers, a community section for chatting and a marketplace for businesses to promote their family oriented services.

La Leche League

Offers up-to-date breastfeeding information and support through experienced breastfeeding mothers. For more information on monthly meetings in the Greater Victoria area, check out the website or call (250) 727-4384.  

Nursing Mothers Advisory Council

Website offers information on breastfeeding basics including (but not limited to) daily log information, positioning, pumping and storing, as well as weaning.

Parent Support Services Society

(250) 384-8042

Parent support circles available.

Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health

(250) 477-1826

Prenatal courses, and other parenting courses available. Also offered: program for parents of premature babies, postpartum depression program, adoption support services, etc. Location: 2400 Arbutus

Single Parent Resource Centre

(250) 385-1114

The Single Parent Resource Centre offers free counselling, parenting classes, a free store and mentoring opportunities.

TEAM (Teen Education and Motherhood)- Stelly's High School

(250) 544-0312

Program offers parenting skills, and in-school daycare to teen moms wanting to complete their high school education.

The Mothering Touch Centre

(250) 595-4905

The Mothering Touch offers trained breastfeeding educators with services available at the Centre, home visits. or by telephone (not free). Other services include family financial planning (free), pre-and post-natal yoga, cloth diapering workshops, and much more. Further community resources as well as full information of workshops and groups available on the Mothering Touch website.

Vancouver Island Health Authority Prenatal Education

Individual and group prenatal education and support through home, school, health units and other community locations. Available through:

Esquimalt- (250) 360-5600

Saanich- (250) 744-5100

Victoria- (250) 388-2230

Westshore- (250) 478-1757

Penninsula- (250) 544-2400

Sooke- (250) 642-5464

Vancouver Island Health Authority- Healthy Children

Website offers information on mom's health, immunization, parentiing, breastfeeding and nutrition, and much more.

Vancouver Island Multiple Birth Association

(250) 704-2650

Peer support group for parents who are expecting, or have had multiple birth children. Support, resources, bi-weekly playgroups, events and outings all availble. Location: 4060 Ebony Pl.

Victoria Moms brings you news from your city as well as information from local practitioners, instructors, business owners and other moms.

West Coast Moms

Website offers information on community events, parenting information and highlighted articles, and other resources for parents.

Book Recommendations:

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding- La Leche League

Breastfeeding: Getting Breastfeeding Right for You- Mary Renfrew, Chloe Fischer and Suzanne Arms.

Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers- Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

The Nursing Mother's Companion- Kathleen Huggins